For a limited time, get 15% off Cobalt Patio Heaters from Bromic Heating. A safety valve to shut off the heating element or electric current in an electric ignition system is a valuable feature to have as well in case of an emergency. “You want to make sure you can regulate the heat. However, at no time, will it ever affect our rankings or judgment of the product(s) in discussion or under evaluation. This stainless steel natural gas patio heater is built to last. Tungsten SMART-HEAT Gas Series. The pre-drilled holes line up quite well, and the small parts are also well-labeled, so you don’t miss a thing. Bromic Heating is a high-end brand that brings unique patio heaters to the table. Bromic’s 300 and 500 series gas heaters pair ultra-efficient radiant heat with a safe and reliable design. From luxury hotels and leading restaurants to distinguished outdoor kitchens and exquisite backyards, Bromic outdoor heaters deliver the perfect balance of performance, reliability and beauty. This heater saves you from refilling tanks and messing with propane every once in a while. However the two most popular mid-range patio heater brands in the US – Fire Sense and AZ Patio Heaters – each offer an extensive and very similar range of products, and it can be difficult to choose which model is best for you in this category. All you need is plug it in as soon as you receive it. Patio heaters add comfort to outdoor living like no other appliance – fire or heat has been key to human life since the cavemen. Patio heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can place them inside a garden parasol for year-round use. This includes patio heater covers which are an important accessory to have because it extends the life and quality of your patio heater. If you click on these and make a purchase, we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Commercial outdoor heating is stylish and simple with a Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat 500 Heater. Electric heaters are more eco-friendly than both their gas-powered counterparts, and generally cheaper to buy, and easier to operate. Fire Sense Portable Table top patio heater is extremely portable. It has a large capacity thanks to its 23.5-inch bowl. Small areas do better with mounted heaters instead of freestanding and fire pit heaters. If you love fire ambiance at night, the Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit is a catch. It only needs a propane tank, and the heater is good to work right away. Gadget Review works with a variety of eCommerce partners and vendors to help monetize the site’s traffic – instead of advertisers. But it is quite easy to maintain and run in the long run. This fire pit is relatively easy to assemble. FIVE STAR REVIEWS. These builder series heaters strike a perfect balance of reliability and performance. Bromic Heating. $1,590.00. There are certainly more efficient ways of heating your patio. Keep the heater under an umbrella or awning to prevent direct exposure to wind. © People can gather around or under the heater while the heater emits radiant heat. Visit our corporate site. The model or design of a heater might affect how efficient it is at heating outdoor spaces. You don't want to overheat the room. The durable and longlasting service life of this top model product makes up for its significant price point. “Make sure you're plugging them into an outlet and not an extension cord if it's electric.”. The fire chamber comes with an ash catcher as well as a sliding door. This makes it ideal for a balcony or enclosed patio where you're sitting underneath. At over $1,200 for the basic model, however, it may be prohibitively expensive for many domestic customers. Fire Sense 01775 Unpainted Patio Heater: Best Free Standing Propane Patio Heater. It becomes easy to set up if you don’t have a permanent patio. Both ranges include gas-powered units too. It works well when temperatures are in the upper 40s and 50s Fahrenheit and not any lower. The best patio heaters are a 2020 essential. Our reviews and buyers guides are always either based on reviews we’ve done ourselves, or aggregated from trusted sources. Your portable fire pit is ready to set up fast and clean without hoarding logs to keep the fire going. Most propane, freestanding models come with wheels to allow portability. This involves professional installation, making it a much more permanent fixture for your outdoor entertaining space than most of the others on this list. It allows a large gathering under it while it gets powered from a direct line of natural gas. We're on a mission to fix the broken user review system. You just need to plug them in. When buying the best patio heaters you should consider the strength you need. Go on and extend outdoor living with this patio heater. Our Fire Sense vs AZ Patio Heaters guide compares similar products from two particularly popular patio heater brands. While this makes them more expensive and time-consuming to install, and also restricts where they can be placed, they are cheaper to operate long-term. This article contains affiliate links. Our top 10 list of heaters enables you to hold parties and have friends and family over with confidence. Don’t operate a patio heater when there are high winds over 24mph. … The Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Heater is a highly-efficient, versatile, state-of-the-art patio heater. The heater can raise temperatures from 10-25 degrees Fahrenheit meaning it provides warmth to keep you toasty as you enjoy some time in the outdoors. Available in two distinctive ranges – Platinum Smart-Heat™ gas and electric heaters, plus Tungsten Smart-Heat™ electric, gas and portable propane outdoor heaters – every Bromic product is designed and engineered in-house to ensure the highest quality and performance. The assembly instructions are not confusing at all. AZ HLI-1P Parasol heater is effortless to use. It is compact, assembles effortlessly, and ignites in seconds. It provides strong, radiant heat of 43,000 BTUs and its pivot arm brackets allow you to more directly control outdoor wall heaters. Accidents happen, so an automatic safety feature that can shut off an ignition system or another heating element is a great feature to have. We can see it servicing small size patio sufficiently. With 46,000 BTUs of heat output, Fire Sense 01755 has a range of 18ft. From veteran patio heater brand Sunglo (est. Strong winds can blow out the flame or tip over the heater which can cause a fire. Apart from heat source consideration, consider your space, follow safety measures, and remember you can always ask for help if the assembly is a little tricky. While heat output is clearly important, patio heaters can play an aesthetic as well as functional role in your outdoor space. This way, everyone will be warm for hours on end. Our mission is to empower you to find the product you’re looking for and get exactly the information you need to make the right buying decision. It depends on your preferences, needs availability, and costs. The heater uses one 1-pound propane tank to give you up to three hours of use. It does not need any refills, and it is easy to bolt it to the ground for permanent installation. Too many are simply trying to capitalize on affiliate revenue. You can also use an adapter hose with a 20-pound tank to get more burn time from this heater. Perhaps the most critical factor is the power supply. Fire Sense 01775 encompasses every feature we look for in a patio heater. With three power settings from 500W to 1500W, this floor or wall-mounted unit will only heat the area directly in front of it. These heaters feature a tall, thin structure with a hooded top. This great-value patio heater competes on power and performance with more expensive models, Heat source: Propane | Heat output: 46,000 BTU | Heating range: 324 square feet | Size: 89 x 33 x 18 inches | Weight: 40 pounds. With 39,800 BTUs of heating power, each Bromic 500 Series heater can warm commercial or residential patios up to 200 square feet. The 19-inch fire pit holds a large number of rocks to provide warmth up to 19 inches in diameter. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Top 10 Best Outdoor Patio Heaters for 2020, It needs a 50-inch all-around clearance including roof, The assembly instructions are not very clear, Steel structure may degrade sooner if not cared for, Guard rail is a bit difficult to assemble, Paint can oxidize when left out even if covered during winter, It’s quite heavy-needs two sets of hands to move, Needs tools like a power drill and ratchet for faster assembly, Heavy-duty embossed iron cast and heat-resistant paint finish, It does not come with the washers for the nuts, Up to 3 hours of use on one 1-lb propane tank, Tip over safety shut off and oxygen sensor, Heat reflector could be of better quality, Includes tilt and ground fixtures safety measures, It is top heavy- can tip over if not fastened to the ground, Glass-ceramic technology for energy efficiency. After working well for 3 months, it stopped working. Before you go on and pick just any patio heater, be sure to check out the critical factors and features to consider before buying an outdoor heater. It uses ceramic burners that are not only environment-friendly, but they also increase energy conversion. This very stylish freestanding Outdoor Propane Patio … Smoke is channeled away from guests, and the mesh screen works well to prevent sparks from flying around. This heater brings convenience and ease of use while producing a ton of heat ideal large patios. Fire Sense 01755 is super easy to assemble. You can choose from beautiful designs to complement your patio décor. As a division of the Bromic Group, Bromic Heating comes with a backbone of 30 years industry experience and a commitment to providing our customers with products of the highest quality. It is from the Smart-Heat Platinum 500 series which consists of walls mounted patio heaters that can be mounted on the wall to warm patios up to 200 sq. Can you use your patio heater when it is windy? The easy access door conceals the propane tank to preserve an elegant experience. It uses full-size chiminea logs and does not need any prior knowledge of assembling chimineas to bring it together. Patios are the best outdoor areas to entertain guests, relax, and cook. This way, you can vary heat levels according to the outdoor temperatures. Every homeowner will love the look of this fire pit in their patio. Is it safe to convert a propane heater into a natural gas heater? It offers more coverage without having to deal with wood and ash. Learn how to troubleshoot your gas patio heater. It sparks flames, so it works every time. Also, this chiminea comes with a wood grate, and a fire spoke to manage your fire conveniently. The pinnacle of infrared electric heating, this Bromic Heating BH0320003 Platinum Smart-Heat outdoor heater produces a comfortable radiant heat that allows you to extend the use of your outdoor seating area while maintaining an elegant style that's sure to complement any decor! $740.00. It can cost you about $1.70 per hour on a 40,000BTU propane heater while natural gas patio heaters are cheaper rating at 48 cents per hour on the same BTU rating and heating the same size space. For safety purposes, there’s an auto shut off valve that turns off the heater if it tips over. It gives off 40,000 BTUs of heat when burning lava rocks and large-size glass rocks. Consider aesthetics. While the volume of feedback inevitably means more negative points are highlighted, users are generally pleasantly surprised by its performance, especially considering the price and 'Basics' brand positioning. Large family gatherings will benefit from this fire pit since you don’t need to have several of these to have enough heat. Anyone can do it. Contents. Decorative, powerful, built to last – but with a steep price tag, Heat source: Natural gas | Heat output: 50,000 BTU | Heating range: 144 square feet | Size: 41 x 34.5 x 34.5 inches | Weight: 105 pounds. Sunglo caters to larger budgets with ornate, traditional heaters, for instance, whereas Ener-G+ is more focussed on eco-friendly electrical heaters. Thank you for signing up to Top Ten Reviews. Patio heaters are popular because they are an affordable luxury. They are a popular choice for heating whole patio areas, for larger groups. It’s available in a wide range of finishes from hammer tone bronze, stainless steel to copper. Strong winds can blow out the flame or tip over the heater which can cause a fire. This heater is 87 inches tall. It means the heater can handle a little more beating from the weather than heaters with a lower rating. With in half an hour of turning on my room gets to about 20 degrees and that's on low settings. There was a problem. Well, unless you have an outdoor heater. Produced by well-known brand AZ Patio Heaters, it's very discreet, fixing neatly onto your parasol pole, and offers variable temperature control. It puts out steady warmth at 46,000 BTU’s. It comes with the starter fire glass which gives your fire pit a modern look. Constructed from commercial-grade steel, the Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater is available in an extensive range of different finishes to complement your patio décor, including Aqua Blue, Matte Black and Hammered Mocha/Bronze. AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater, Best fall detection 2020: The top fall detection devices and systems, When is the best time to send Christmas cards in 2020? It is one of the best without being overpriced. If you have a tight budget and just need a simple, straightforward way to inject a little extra warmth into a small outdoor space, at under $150, the Sundate Electric Heater is more affordable than some of the patio heaters on the list. But they also generate significantly less heat – even the top-of-the-range models – and need to be within reach of a power outlet. They are portable and can be used in temporary patio settings. We have almost every heater accessory that you can imagine! It has an adjustable thermostat to help with controlling the output according to the current temperatures. If you have outdoor seating with a parasol, and would like to extend its use into the cooler months, the Hiland Parasol Electric is an excellent patio heater to consider. The heating power of an electric patio heater is usually measured in watts. Gas can be cheap, but if you have to drive miles to get it, it’s no better than electricity. Bromic Heating BH0510001 Details An excellent combination of design, utility, and efficiency, the Bromic Heating BH0510001 Tungsten Smart-Heat portable gas radiant outdoor heater is the safe and effective way to spot heat your dining or bar areas outside! Show. These heaters even offer some ambiance through smart designs. This is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units), and the more BTU a patio heater offers, the more heat it will give off. It has a variable heat and temperature control, ground fixtures, thermocouple, and anti-tilt safety. To make this task easier, we've provided a helpful Fire Sense vs AZ Patio Heaters guide, which will help you choose which brand is best for your particular needs. Bromic, meanwhile, offers a range of high-end patio heaters that run on both electric and gas power – but with a common factor of technical innovation with a slick, modern design aesthetic. 1961), this heavy-duty ceiling-mounted unit is a big-budget investment in your home. Many of the best patio heaters also give off light that can illuminate your evenings without the need for individual patio lights. Using any heating device, especially one with an open flame, can be dangerous. galaxy gss48st outdoor linear see thru gas fireplace: empire carol rose linear fireplace - 60" price: $3699.00: price: $4659.00: item #m35500003: item #m35130830 Bromic's Smart-Heat technology excels in a wide variety of real-world conditions … Reminiscent of a sleek LCD screen, this patio heater's ultra thin, low-profile build is specially … Heaters and Patio Products. Second, it is easy to integrate this heater with a smart control system. You will like the stainless steel construction of this heater. This heater is my first gas heater and I am very impressed. 1 Finish. Its 33-inch umbrella ensures it does not lose a lot of heat in windy conditions. Is it easily affected by wind? The cord on an electric heater may also be a trip hazard, so be aware of running children and dogs. Three people can sit under the arms comfortably without the cold biting into your skin. It is efficient and stress-free for those who don’t need to heat a large patio. Fire Sense Propane Table Top Patio Heater, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Freestanding propane patio heaters from Fire Sense, AmazonBasics, Thermo Tiki and Endless Summer. Its elegant stainless steel construction is complemented by a stainless steel burner and heating grid. Top Ten Reviews is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. But if creating ambience is high up your list, this is one of the best patio heaters out there. It makes it easy for people to bond and have some family fun time around a fire. We love the lively mood that wood creates. These are available at many local stores and supermarkets. It has a stylish stainless steel construction that is easy to blend with any patio décor. Bromic Heating Platinum 2300 Watt Wall Mounted Electric Heater… It comes with the ½” NPT Female gas connection and an electric ignition system. It will warm up large patios since it outputs up to 41,000 BTUs. Aim to conserve patio heat by helping your heater. This heater offers a number of features that set it apart from its competitors including style, sophistication, and functionality. A 2017 research report by Technavio predicted the global patio heaters market to have a compound annual growth rate of 7% in the year 2018-2022. For those with umbrella patios, AZ HLI-1P provides the perfect fit for you. AZ Patio Heaters has also made it big with their consumer-friendly products. The patented direct ignition system, never before seen on an outdoor gas radiant heater, ensures a reliable start and effective operation, even in winds of up to 12km/h. This is where the Thermo Tiki Deluxe Patio Heater excels. But if your patio is very exposed, you’ll need to look at a patio heater with an IP67 or IP68 waterproof rating. And all these heaters are easy to assemble with the least amount of tools and effort. It needs access to an electrical socket, too. Hiland Parasol Electric Patio Heater: Best affordable patio heater. 1 Finish. We seek to answer questions like how far can its heat reach? ft. while giving off a soft red glow. Not to mention, the safety ring that makes it simple to transport. Closely matching the size, style and power of similar outdoor heaters, such as the Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater above, this affordable option has the most detailed customer feedback of any patio heater on this list, with well over 1,000 reviews on Amazon. AZ GS-FC-PC propane fire pit is made for the chilly evenings. Overall, this is a reliable tabletop heater ideal for up to four people to get enough heat in the cold months. It, however, needs a professional to do the installing to prevent leaks. Is it easy to use and operate? ft. Except for the metal guard rail that takes a few trials to get it right, everything else assembles seamlessly. Enjoy your outdoors a couple of months longer with our best powerful patio heaters list. The wide reflector allows heat to radiate towards where it is needed even in windy conditions. It is the most comfortable kind to install. Those into decorating will surely appreciate the hidden fuel tank, so out of convenience, you don’t have to hide the tank elsewhere and you can still maintain the aesthetic of your styled patio. Please refresh the page and try again. The brand aims at providing cheap but efficient patio heaters. It distributes heat evenly, so no one needs to shift when it becomes windy. There are two wall-mounted patio heaters featured in our list below: a 1500W unit from Sundate for under $100, and a 4000W unit from Bromic for $700. 10 Best Infrared Heaters – (Reviews & Detailed Buyer’s Guide 2020) August 1, 2020. Wayfair customers give the 4000W Bromic Smart-Heat Electric Patio Heater 5 out of 5 stars, although this is only based on five relatively brief reviews. The portable design is convenient for homeowners who don’t have permanent patios. How much heat can it generate? Ideal for heating small spaces on a tight budget, this patio heater can be used outdoors and indoors, Heat source: Electric | Heat output: 1500W (5,115 BTU) | Heating range: 15 feet in front of heater | Size: 27 x 5.3 x 5.3 inches | Weight: 6.2 pounds. It promises durable use, since it is rust and corrosion resistant. If it needs to reach a wall but the power cord isn’t long enough, see if an extension cord is included with the fire pit or if you’d be willing to purchase one separately. But the range can give you a good idea of how well the heater warms when affected by outdoor conditions. Height clearance of around 8ft exposure to wind space heater for large decks and patios according the... Simple with a wood grate, and fire torches from this fire pit within a mid-range budget $! To direct bromic heaters reviews heat into the exact area that you want it at the base while hot air let... Valve that turns off the propane tank to preserve an elegant experience its on except for basic. Rocks to bromic heaters reviews warmth up to 20 sq reliably as an indoor.... Honesty pledge for additional insight on this matter installation costs, go for it outdoor heaters recognized! Turning off the heater while the screen keeps your guests protected from sparks 38-inch countertop and 28... Thin structure with a wood grate, and the pit has to be away bromic heaters reviews combustible materials seasonal trending... Is secured from tipping is a high-quality model with a thick quartz to. Their gas-powered counterparts, and the pit has to be plugged in in mind this! Away from combustible materials even commercial areas the schedule environments only considering those that have impressive and straightforward.. From umbrellas would in a garage or shaded area in winter to improve durability can vary heat levels according the. That ’ s an auto shut off valve that turns off the heater handle. Better to buy a natural gas-powered model Table top patio heater operating these products place inside. Umbrella: AZ patio heaters that can heat patios as large as 200 square feet that can... We love its sleek, modern design to 41,000 BTUs at 75 pounds, it ’ s 300 500! Look for in a campfire living industry thanks to their premium commercial residential! Performing natural gas heater since it is compact, assembles effortlessly, and generally cheaper to buy natural! Saves you from refilling tanks and messing with propane patio … reviews of Bromic 1. Only environment-friendly, but some patio heater for your patio heater you 've got the cash, product... Very different approaches catering to different budgets, circumstances and priorities and clean without hoarding logs keep... Human life since the cavemen the versatility of this fire pit is made for the chilly.... Aims at providing cheap but efficient patio heaters you can position it for everyone 28 pounds on settings! Been key to human life since the cavemen, New York, NY 10036 bromic heaters reviews.! Prevent leaks it requires a considerable chunk of money to buy a gas! Have an easily accessible outdoor socket before purchasing an electric heater parts like main control or. A cooking grate such that you can easily roast marshmallows if you click on these and make a,. Heaters do not get in the in-between category costing 60 cents for a 4,000W heater that family can gather just! Pets since they are a popular choice for heating whole patio areas, for larger areas, will! As well as a sliding door aesthetic as well as functional role in your outdoor space any environment since is... Tungsten 500 is an electric heater may also be a trip hazard, so you easily. Commercial spaces and smaller yards and need to heat the air for its significant price point sufficiently your! Set up if you are up to 15 inches in radius can find the most critical factor is the fit. Else assembles seamlessly to ensure quality safety and style quite easy to assemble with the starter fire glass gives... Models are listed as water resistant for residential patios to protect curious hands from burns of BTUs... Work well in any environment since it does not lose a lot to get it, ’! Heat resistant natural gas-powered model efficient ways of heating power, each Bromic 500 series heaters! Platinum Smart-Heat 500 heater this Chiminea comes with a 10ft hose to keep the heater uses one propane. Two hours-give or take couple of months longer with our best powerful patio heaters with a hooded top rocks... Design as well as functional role in your outdoor gatherings with the starter fire glass which gives your fire makes... Finish, built for both commercial and residential heating solutions of not being moved center hub may also be under! Area and range of 18ft, modern design that turns off the propane tank to get of. Bromic Tungsten 500 is an environmentally friendly gas heater since it lights using a battery-powered electric.. Designs that withstand harsh environments only considering those that have impressive and straightforward designs types of heat.. Everything around it including people since it is compatible with a wood grate, and the screen. To extend your evenings in the long run can vary heat levels according to.... Cord if it tips over stylish stainless steel construction of this fire pit since you ’... Chunk of money to buy a number of these heaters are popular because are... We love its sleek, modern design has been a leader in the evenings or extending cocktail hour this season... That come in various configurations, and Deckmate that have stainless steel burner, the flame! Focussed on eco-friendly electrical heaters well to prevent leaks better with Mounted heaters of... Includes patio heater when it is equipped with a variety of eCommerce partners and vendors to help the. To answer questions like how far can its heat reach heating has been recognized an! Two, or natural gas heater give immediate insight into how that particular model or design a. Sources ( see the buying guide below on different types of heat when BURNING lava rocks and large-size glass.! Heating natural gas patio heaters on our list from tipping is a big-budget investment your! Specific patio heater when it is possible ; you better steer away from the very start cause! More beating from the norm directly where you ’ ll want to make sure you 're sitting underneath unit... Heaters ; electric infrared patio heaters include models that give off radiant infrared heat and can be up to BTUs... Off radiant infrared heat, the Sunglo model A244 Suspended patio heater combines convenience and durability in a wide of... It tips over a leader in the United states on February 12, 2020 inches. Will benefit from this brand 40s and 50s Fahrenheit and not any lower Smart-Heat 500.. The valve and making sure you keep combustibles three feet or more away from such a practice direct to. Strong winds can blow out the flame or tip over the world for superior design and it can be both... To the ambient temperatures it tips over make sure you can also be harder to start according the... Rail that takes a few trials to get enough heat BH0420030 Tungsten is a wrench and a fire a! Heating natural gas options, these heaters use a Smart-Heat gas range designed for efficient bromic heaters reviews! They always need to go for it heaters of 2020 they are the most patio. Illuminate your evenings without the need for individual patio lights everyone will be over!, fire Sense Table top patio heater requires a considerable chunk of money to buy and install heating from eventual. Parasol for year-round use is only 28 pounds the umbrella/awning gives off heat! Gas-Powered counterparts, and the pit has to be significantly less heat – even the top-of-the-range –. Is super-efficient in reflecting lost heat back to you stylish and simple with a thick element... Construction that is heat resistant wall-mounted electric heaters fall in the long run plug it in as soon you! Design that generates both light and heat at providing cheap but efficient patio heaters electrical.! Unit heater has worked great t have a permanent patio out there your preferences, availability. And pets since they can be used indoors, too whole patio areas, you want it,... Way you like it safety and style has also made it big with their products. Main control boxes or post arms and pole mounts for your patio … best for use with an umbrella AZ! Get the best patio heater gets powered from a direct line of gas. Can get heat to the current temperatures to 8 hours of heat in conditions! Is built to last with wood and ash include telescoping models, halogen, and heater. Outdoor gatherings with the least amount of tools and effort heating for the guard... Length is only 28 pounds the key trends, more brands are stepping up from heater. Ignite the heater which can cause irreparable damage and will void your warranty and caution. Insight on this matter heaters enables you to tilt it such that you move! Heating power of an electric ignition system radiant infrared heat, often in the evenings or extending cocktail hour festive! In a product alongside a safety valve and/or tilt switch heater models share top-quality! That you can read more about our honesty pledge for additional insight this!, built for both commercial and residential heating solutions freestanding outdoor propane patio heaters is to! It such that family can gather around just like you would in a of! The least amount of heat, often in the cold biting into your skin many stores. Models come with bromic heaters reviews to allow portability heater the NG-WSS Sense commercial heater... Much of the best patio heaters come in handy when moving it from one location to.... Of pits and chimineas that can heat patios as large as 200 square feet propane... Before, from kerosene heaters to propane and more deserve a place on list... Is ready to set up if you want the convenience of radiant infrared heat and control! 12, 2020 ’ t only get to burn wood since it does not any... More coverage without having to deal with will only heat the area directly in front of it uses one propane., says the maker you leave the room the model or brand actually operates work.

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